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Psalms 23 – Spiritual Antibiotic NEEDED

Memories from the past:  MAY 1987 My husband of 40 years is gone.

I am desperate!  Without hope.  I can barely think logically, as my thoughts whirl in circles.

My husband has been telling me in actions; now it is in clear words: he does not love me –
and he is GONE! This marriage of 40 years is DEAD, FINISHED, OVER.
How can I put my mind and thinking process together? I don’t even have words to pray, except for “HELP!”

The Holy Spirit hears my cry, and a memory creeps into my terrified and numbed brain .

“Psalms 23 is a spiritual antibiotic.”   This is true, whatever the problem one is facing.
As I remember this  lesson , I  begin writing it down.

Copy out the words of Psalms 23 onto several pieces of paper.  Put one of them on my nightstand, one of them on the mirror (or next to it) in the bathroom, one on the fridge, one in my wallet,  one in my pocket.

Pick up paper and read verbally (this can be done quietly or LOUD – dependent upon me) all of Psalms 23, thinking about the words.  That is all… just read it verbally.  Not to study – just read.

Frequency of dosage:  every 4 hours or as follows –
Early morn, before or when getting up
Noon – during meal
Supper – during meal
Before sleeping:  I sit on the side of the bed while taking the dosage (so I won´t fall asleep.)

As with all antibiotics, when one starts feeling the results of medication, one wants to quit the medication. KEEP ON WITH THE DOSAGE FULL 30 DAYS.
When you start to feel better, do not stop dosage!
If you miss a dose, pick up on the routine at next time due.

Patient can repeat this antibiotic as needed.

                                   *            *          *          *           *          *          *          *
I take the anti-biotic.  In about two weeks I feel  better: still in sorrow and anguish, but beginning to think more clearly and have more clear-cut goals. 
I think about stopping the dosage, but keep on.  Good thing that I did!

By the end of the 30 days, God’s words in Psalms 23 become part of my daily life.  They pass from my brain to my heart, soul and spirit; then they start changing me.

My primary focus is now upon my God and Lord; not upon my husband.
 That sheep Jesus is carrying – is me!

This was in 1987.      It is now 2015.
I´ve used this antibiotic many times in these intervening years.  Each time, it changes my life, brings new understanding, always brings more spiritual health, which also affects the health of the physical body.


And let me know the results.

–  with love,

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9 Replies

  1. Just think if we used it in good times what God could do with us. What an inspiration your thoughts are to others in need.

    1. Voni

      Oh Tomya – I pray so! That is my prayer – to write so others will be strengthened. I know that God promises that ALL things will work for the good of those who love the Lord. . . so if the things I learn through heartbreak can be used to encourage others, I count myself doubly-blessed!

  2. Linda H

    This is my favorite scripture. It is an awesome prescription Voni! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Voni

      One of my favorites also, Linda. And this prescription is a blessing~! Thanks for your notes. You are a blessing

  3. Rosina

    Wish I had this advice when I divorced many years ago. .still very helpful!

    1. Voni

      Rosina – the thing about most divorces is the sorrow we have for the rest of our lives. Death causes a different sorrow.. and both leave an emptiness in our lives.
      I still use this antibiotic today when I need it.
      I’ve learned how faithful God is with His promises – and hang onto Him.
      Think of David as He wrote this psalm to the Lord, never dreaming the gift he was leaving to all of us!
      God bless!

  4. Michelle Yeager

    Happy to have found your blog, I will take a daily dose 😉

    1. Thanks Michelle! The posts have been further apart… but I hope to remedy that now.
      There’s been too much going on in my life…and when I don’t write, it isn’t good for me.
      Does that sound crazy?

  5. Michelle Yeager

    Signing up for new posts

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