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Our vision depends on where we are standing

The Call in My Life

It always amazes me when I see God step into my life to give me answers to my questions. I want to share the last three answers.   1/As I am struggling to clarify what I should now do since Joe has gone home, yesterday I pick up My Utmost for His Highest devotional and […]

A New Journey Beginning

March 4, 2017 Saturday Night 8 pm. Portland, Oregon It has been almost a month since Joe left us to go and celebrate His walk with the Lord and be with Him! I’m becoming a little more accustomed to him not being here, but it is still strange. I miss him holding my hand, even […]


  “Brazilians call it SAUDADE: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. – All things born of the soul that can only be felt.” — Anthony De Sa Memories of past moments of joy that come flooding into our minds when a melody is played. Missing the sound of a beloved voice. […]

2017 Is Here

Jesus Christ is living and His life is within us via the Holy Spirit of God, the Father. The reality of these words give me the courage to walk ahead into the coming year, You and I are standing in the midst of the unknown. Our feet are firmly planted on the rock of Jesus […]

More Mirrors: Concepts for Survival and Sanity

  Prelude: August 1967  in Belo Horizonte, MG  Brazil We are hunting for a house to rent – there is nothing unusual about that. However, we have a few unknowns this time. We do not know the language well. We do not know this city. We do not know the culture. And we we do not have the […]

The Shifting Kaleidoscope: Concepts for survival and sanity

August 1967  São Paulo, SP  Brasil It is night and everyone is tired! Our bus brakes screech to a stop and we all pull our bodies and our children from the bus as a pile of suitcases grows on the sidewalk.  Our host families walk around us, searching for the specific family they will take […]

HOUSE OF MIRRORS : Concepts for survival and sanity

I’m 8 years old at a traveling carnival. Holding onto my parents’ hands, we walk into a tent full of funny mirrors.  People stand in front of them, some laughing, some screaming hilariously , and others walking away with disgusted looks on their faces. Mom and Dad take me to one mirror: the three of us are […]

What Does DIFFERENT Mean?

    Today, we are living smack in the middle of different!   When I’m out on the street, in stores or offices, I may hear at least three different languages:  English, Spanish, and/or Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese . . . Each of these languages represents a different culture and different belief system. In […]


  WINTER OF JULY 1984, MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL We are driving late at night down a dark, unfamiliar highway in the state of Minas Gerais. Four of us are cramped into our old station wagon, surrounded with instruments and suitcases, some taking up passenger room inside and some tied in a carrier we have on […]

Life’s Currents and God’s Oars

It is late at night; I’m sitting with this computer in my lap and am almost asleep. . . In my mind’s eye it is mid-morning, and I am standing on high ground beside the bank of a flowing river. I gaze at the water, and see different currents coming together, then parting. Turning my […]