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Our vision depends on where we are standing

2017 Is Here

Jesus Christ is living and His life is within us via the Holy Spirit of God, the Father. The reality of these words give me the courage to walk ahead into the coming year, You and I are standing in the midst of the unknown. Our feet are firmly planted on the rock of Jesus […]

Random Thoughts: GOING HOME

from Free Vector     I started writing this  in Portland OR. USA before Christmas, while we were packing for our trip to Natal. Finished it in January 2016 in Natal, RN, Brazil. 1/26/2016           That word “home” is spoken every day, even as it is used with hundreds – perhaps […]

Jihad and God’s Kingdom?

It’s dark outside- midnight black. Looking out the window I see street lights scattered out over the area. It’s cold, dark, not a scene I want to walk into – and I’m thankful that our small apartment is warm.  I am playing music from a pan flute on my computer as I think about these past two […]

Am I a Cracked Cup?

I’m at the checkout stand.  The cashier holds up my purchase: “Maám, did you know this cup has defects?” I squint my eyes to look at it more closely.  She’s right!  What looks like a crack, but really isn’t one, is embedded in the cup. I still want the coffee cup, defects or not.   […]

Psalms 23 – Spiritual Antibiotic NEEDED

Memories from the past:  MAY 1987 My husband of 40 years is gone. I am desperate!  Without hope.  I can barely think logically, as my thoughts whirl in circles. My husband has been telling me in actions; now it is in clear words: he does not love me – and he is GONE! This marriage of […]


My eyes follow the eagle flying through the sky.                                                  I watch the trees sway in the fresh warm wind.     I feel the cool breeze touching my body. . .   […]