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Our vision depends on where we are standing

Psalms 23 – Spiritual Antibiotic NEEDED

Memories from the past:  MAY 1987 My husband of 40 years is gone. I am desperate!  Without hope.  I can barely think logically, as my thoughts whirl in circles. My husband has been telling me in actions; now it is in clear words: he does not love me – and he is GONE! This marriage of […]


I’m sitting at the table in the kitchen nook.  The sunshine is streaming in windows as I look out at our small back yard.  I love this little corner of our home. Crazy as it sounds, this little corner is my “retreat”, especially so at this time of the morning. My three older children left […]

What Is a Flea?

November 1967 We are standing, sweating and frustrated, in the midst of a laughing crowd of Brazilians watching our funny antics.  How did we ever get  into such a situation?  It was like this.   The house we are renting is on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, a city of about 1 and a half million. The […]