Voni's View

Our vision depends on where we are standing


STREET MARKET: “ I DID NOT BARGAIN FOR THIS!” Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil    October 1967 The people in the street market set up their booths early in the morning as the sun is coming over the horizon.  This market is about two blocks long; the booths set up on both sides of a main street near […]

The Day the Water Ran the Wrong Way

August 1967   We are on the Argentina Maru, a Japanese freighter/ passenger ship,  moving from the USA to Brazil. The forward deck is full of celbrants as we near the line of the equator. It is a beautiful day, blue sky, blue sea; our ship is somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean… I have no […]

November 1967 Is this Home ?

Voni’s View The morning sun is shining in a brilliant blue sky. I stand at the window, gazing at the skyline of mountains  that surround and cradle Belo Horizonte, Brazil: our new city of about 2 million.  These mountains thrust up against the skyline: no snow, more rounded than jagged. I muse:  “Back home, these […]


Ten years old: she stands on a humongous pile of freshly cut hay piled high in the hayloft, at one end of the barn. The small girl looks across a space to see another humongous pile of hay at the other end of the barn.  In her hand she is tightly grasping a rope that […]