Voni's View

Our vision depends on where we are standing

Simply Writing

Tonight, I am frustrated… not sure why.. I want to write – not only about  sorrows and learning… but about the Kingdom of God/the nation I live in. How do I share about cross-cultural communication and the Kingdom of God as my home. I am American, hoping to get my Brazilian citizenship, but my “home nation” […]

Package of 3

September, 1987 I like the number 3; but I never thought of the number as applying to psychological, mental and spiritual principles.  Yet, look at this . . . Forgiveness: I must learn how to forgive if I want to walk free and be. (I’m studying more on this from doctors. I’m amazed at some of […]

Lord, Are You Sure?

I am having a running conversation with God. Well, really: it may be more one-sided?  I’m talking to Him about Ephesians 5:17-2o I keep re-reading those verses…trying to figure out how  to thank God for everything. It makes no sense to me. Eph 5:17,18,20 17 Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understanding and firmly grasping […]