Voni's View

Our vision depends on where we are standing

The Train December 1987

I sit on the train looking out the big windows at the landscape slipping past me: tall evergreen trees interspersed with the lacework of leafless trees thrusting their branches against the grey sky, all anchored in a natural forest undergrowth.  Raindrops splashing and runnng  down in small riveluts, causing the landscape to blur in front […]

Good Stuff Learned through Heartbreak: Forgiveness 101

I lift my head, my cheeks still wet with tears, looking around the room.  It is the same:  piles of sorted materials waiting to be put in open boxes, a large black garbage bag gaping open, waiting for more trash.  Behind the closet doors and in the drawers are hours of work waiting for me. […]

Now what, God?!?

Tonight I’m in Portland, Oregon, looking out the window at the sky as the sun disappears behind the horizon, and darkness creeps up from the west into the bowl of the sky overhead. I stand here, remembering the emotional anguish, confusion, and desperation for normalcy I was living in as the structure of family was […]

The Day My Life Ended

  May 1987 It is mid-morning…Bright sunshine along with a refreshing breeze filters into the living room through the open wooden sliding doors.  The rustic room is cool, partially in the shadows.  The mood is somber. Those present are: my husband of 37 years, myself, three of our children, a son-in-law, plus an American pastor and […]