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Our vision depends on where we are standing

Where Am II?

Where are my hands touching this globe tonight? And where are yours? On this day, my physical hands are touching our apartment walls in Portland Oregon, USA I look out the window here and see tall evergreen trees swaying in the breeze, various buildings, a grade school, plus their sports field, an area of green […]

Finding Eliza — Finding Me

Finding Eliza Portland, OR 2015/04/16 I’ve been awake since 4:30 this morning. Unable to sleep, I came out to the living room,   put the computer in my lap. Many thoughts going through my brain, but they are a jumble and confused. I’ll attempt to untangle them. Yesterday afternoon my mind and body were tired after […]

Asking for your opinion…

  Ok – want and need feedback.   I JUST FINISHED THE ABOUT ME SECTION Question:  Would you prefer for this to be a normal post and enter a shorter About Me????????????????? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. This whole process is challenging me… I know it’s good for me. It’s definitely better than the “it’s good […]